A must visit when in Brussels!

If you haven’t heard of Kanal yet, it is time to go and visit.  Read More


My favourite Hong Kong island! 

A few weeks ago I visited Hong Kong with my sister for about 9 days. It was our fist time in Asia and we loved it! So I’m finally sharing the things we loved visiting the most.  Read More


About the app Bitemojo

A few days ago, I got the opportunity to do a food tour by Bitemoijo in Barcelona. They offer tours in different cities and in different neighbourhoods. I chose the ‘Gothic Barcelona’ tour because it is in the heart of the city. Before getting started I needed to download the app, watch a short introduction movie and off we go! Read More


Catching some sun in Berlin!

Last week I visited a friend in Berlin who is working there as an intern, like I am in Barcelona. I was so happy to be there for the second time, especially because now I was guided by a local and I could skip the more touristic part of the city. So let’s see talk about those three – very intense but awesome – days! Read More


Living next to the Boqueria

It has its pros and cons living close to the Boqueria in Barcelona. This neighbourhood is off course loaded with tourists, but its charming at the same time. Fresh fruit juices are never far away and are my favourite thing to buy when passing by.  Read More


Paris Fashion Week 

Two years ago – already! – I left the pretty city of Paris. Several times a year this city of fashion goes crazy during fashion week. When I lived in Paris I always went out to spot some fashion icons and celebrities leaving the shows – more hereRead More


Let’s take a look inside. 

After a little more than one month, I think it’s time to give you a sneak peek of the apartment I’m living in. My place is located in Raval, the centre of Barcelona, and I’m sharing it with two other people. Our apartment is quite old but that makes it even more charmingRead More


Tropico in Barcelona

What’s better on a sunday than going for a heavenly brunch? That’s what we did last weekend here in Barcelona. A colourful and tropical breakfast, that’s what you can expect when going to Tropico, located in Raval. The craziest fruit juices, prettiest brunch- and lunchplates, anything you can imagine.  Read More


Let’s go for a little trip!

About my first weekend here in Barcelona and we’re already discovering another town. Only 40 minutes by train you can find the beautiful Girona, a small city also located in Catalonia.  Read More


A very quick hello!

Hola from my new hometown Barcelona. I’m here for four days now and I really love the atmosphere of the city. These four days here we went shopping, discovering little streets, trying out new restaurants, so exciting! Here are some pictures of my first experiences here in the city.  Read More