About the app Bitemojo

A few days ago, I got the opportunity to do a food tour by Bitemoijo in Barcelona. They offer tours in different cities and in different neighbourhoods. I chose the ‘Gothic Barcelona’ tour because it is in the heart of the city. Before getting started I needed to download the app, watch a short introduction movie and off we go!

The Gothic Barcelona tour includes 5 stops where you can have something to drink and eat. It is so easy, just open the app and it tells you where to go. We started at the cathedral and got a short introduction about the history as well! Because we preferred to have our coffee at the end, we slightly changed the order of our bites. So let’s see what this tour is all about!


Our first stop was at a cute little place called ‘Caelum’. We went down to the basement and got a drink and two pinchos. Yum! We just showed our app, clicked on the receive button and showed it to the owner, easy!


Next up we went to ‘Craft Barcelona’ for a beer and some patatas bravas. On our way, the app gave us some explanations about the highlights, the Carrer del Bisbe for exemple.



We took our time and strolled a little in El Gothic before going to the next stop. Discovering new places is always a pleasure! So next up we had a quiche and lemonade in a place called ‘La Teteria’.


After these bites we wanted to have our ice cream but unfortunately it was closed already. So we had to come back another day. The last stop of the tour was in the most hidden and amazing place just behind the cathedral. This was supposed to be our first stop but we were so happy we saved the best for last. I had a coffee and a brownie and my friend had a coffee and a toast.


The other day we went back to get our delicious ice cream, perfect end of this amazing experience. Loved it!

Find the tour I did right here.

Hope you enjoy!


App Download.png





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