A must visit when in Brussels!

If you haven’t heard of Kanal yet, it is time to go and visit. 

A bit less than two months ago I moved to Brussels. To be honest, a bigger change than moving (temporary) to Paris or Barcelona even though it is closer to my family and friends. One of the first places I really wanted to visit is Kanal. As the name does assume, it is located next to the canal, in the former Citroën garage.




A few months ago, there was a big architecture competition asking different offices to do a proposal to transform this building into a cultural hub in Brussels. The office I’m working at right now didn’t win, but you can go and check the models of the different proposals at Kanal. This expo is for free, no reason not to go.


Model and setting by 51N4E

The building itself is so unique, even as the whole setting at this very moment. The construction of the new museum will start next year but in the meantime the building is open for public and is hosting different exhibitions and events. Closet-sales, yoga, brunch, lots of things to do. Besides those events, there is always a food market for lunch or dinner and if you’re lucky you can even get a sunny table outside in front of the canal. We tried the pokébowl and homemade lemonade, so good.


My favorite exhibition at the moment is the one called ‘between art and design, the Belgian scene’. You can find some furniture and other design objects made by architects and designers. This exhibition runs only until the 4th of november so two more weekends to go and visit.

I hope I convinced you to go and see this amazing place in Brussels, for the architecture, exhibitions or even for the food. The museum nocturnes are coming to Kanal as well, on thursday the first of november.

Let me know about your visit!



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